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Tuesday, 21 August 2012


It is all a question of weeding out what you yourself like best to do, so that you can live most agreeably in a world full of an increasing number of disagreeable surprises.
M.F.K. Fisher

Surprises certainly come along in life - although not all disagreeable. About 6 months ago I had a big surprise. I was going to be made redundant.

I work at a little school which is an off campus annexe to a larger secondary college run by the Christian Brothers. I teach 15 and 16 year old students with major behavior problems.

School interior

 The Christian Brothers in Australia are dying out and a lot of their functions are being handed over to lay bodies and our funding is changing.. From next year our little school will no longer be attached to the college, but rather become a completely independent school run by Edmund Rice Education Australia, still under the auspices of the Christian Brothers.

My two colleagues and I who teach at the school had been led to believe we would just take over in the new school. To that end we have attended a number of meetings and conferences in Brisbane. However, 5 months ago we were told our positions were to be advertised. I have been working at our little school for 15 years and had thought I would be there indefinitely. At first the idea that I was being made redundant was a shock - a disagreeable surprise. But as time has rolled on and I have seen a financial planner, some new avenues have opened up. I can actually retire if I wish.

School exterior

Well anyway, for those of you who have been following, I have an interview for a teaching position on Thursday. I have no idea how I will go. Everything looks good on paper but  I don't have whiz bang computer skills. That could be my downfall.

Last week was my birthday. I kept it low key. My wonderful mother cooked a family birthday dinner for me.

Table set for birthday dinner.
Scrumptious food
Among other lovely presents including an Amazon Voucher I received a magazine voucher. I decided on Yarn

Photo source

I also selected Embellish Magazine.

Photo source

And finally Handmade.

Photo source

I can't wait to start receiving them.

All in all I had a lovely birthday and received some lovely presents.

I can hardly believe how old I am.

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