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Tuesday, 7 August 2012


Habit simplifies our movements, makes them accurate, and diminishes fatigue.
William James

I am a creature of habit.As a younger person I imagined myself to be more spontaneous, but in actual fact I probably didn't achieve as much as I do now. P:-) and I do not live together but we see each other every day and depending on the day, we slip into comfortable habits. We know what the day holds, and generally what the week holds. And the days and weeks follow in a predictable sequence.


I do have some trouble with housekeeping habits. I do try to factor in certain cleaning routines at specific times but so often I run out of time. I somehow thought that when I grew up I would turn into my mother and become organized and methodical. No such luck! I should probably get back to Flylady.

Vintage wheel barrow graphic.

The past week has been very quiet. I have been unwell and had a week off work with a cold and a chesty  cough. While I did not enjoy being sick I did enjoy luxuriating in a week at home. It was my first sick leave all year. I am generally very healthy.


The ornamental plums on next-door's footpath have begun blossoming. It is still another month until Spring but they always seem to be early.

Ornamental plums


Bee on blossoms


Blossom close-up


Interesting sites

Photo source
 This is the most beautiful house, especially the green and white bedroom. Click here to see more.

Photo source
  Click here to see a great video of a Kiwi train plowing through the snow on the way from Christchurch to Greymouth.

Photo source
 Click here to see a video of a farmer taking 5 000 ducks for a walk. (There is a quick ad about Ningaloo Reef first.) I saw this on Jayn'es blog Gleeful.


  1. The blossoms are gorgeous.

    We see them here in Ireland in March /April...

    Lovely blog.

    Following now.

    Have a great week

    x Fiona

    1. Thanks Fiona. The blossoms are beautiful but they aren't native to Australia.

  2. I want to see these blooms on person. I haven't seen one. We don't have these flowers in our country. Its so beautiful especially up close.

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    1. Thanks Vanessa. I think the blossoms are beautiful. It is a pity they are only there for a few weeks in the year.


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