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Sunday, 17 June 2012


 Minimalism, as a concept, design, idea, tool, lifestyle, all boils down to learning how to identify: what is essential? and what is not?

People I know would probably laugh if I said I was aiming at a minimalist lifestyle. I have a bit of a cluttered life but I am fascinated by minimalism and would like to achieve it. It is a bit difficult being a collector and a minimalist at the same time. I tend to collect things from nature - pine cones, rocks, shells. I also collect books.

My current policy is that for every book I buy I must get rid of 2. I have a lot of old second hand books which I will never read again. I used to see books as something you gained for life, but now I am a bit more realistic.

I can't help but get a little excited at the prospect of having no job next year and being able to work consistently on the decluttering.

Vintage wild rose image.
On Saturday P:-)'s niece was married and we attended her wedding.

Wedding Service

The bride limped down the aisle. Eight months ago she had been involved in an accident where a car drove off the road and into the office she was working in. She was sitting at her desk as the time and ended up with  her leg broken in a number of places. So she was still limping at the wedding and using a walking stick by the end of the evening. It wasn't until later at the reception that I noticed with amusement that she was wearing joggers under her wedding dress. They had been coloured deep purple to match the bridesmaid dresses.

The reception was at the Grand Roxy on the Grand Parade at Brighton, Sydney.

 Wedding reception

The food was delicious, except for the poached pear I was given for dessert. I hate pears. Luckily P:-) was happy to swap for his plate of strawberry sorbet.

Sunday was a sunny and windy day after a cold, wet Saturday. This is the view just after coming out of my driveway on Sunday morning, with the clouds scudding across the sky.

My street Sunday morning

 On Sunday evening P:-) and I went to church

Sunday night church service

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