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Tuesday, 19 June 2012


We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children. 
 Native American Proverb

This is an old saying but worth thinking about. The earth is warming up. There is dispute as to why. Is it a natural phenomenon or is it caused by humans burning fossil fuels? Either way is difficult to prove to everyone's satisfaction, so isn't it better to err on the side of caution? Isn't it best to accept that global warming could be man made and act accordingly?

When I hear of certain world scenarios that will occur in the year 2050 it is easy to think, "Well that won't bother me, I won't be around any more." But my children may well be here and their children. What possible problems do we leave for them if we don't clean up our act with fossil fuels?

The other thing to remember is that fossil fuels will run out. That is a certainty if we continue using them at our current rate.Why not try to decrease our reliance on them now? This way we provide a legacy for our children.

Vintage Violet
I have had an email about my job application - just thanking me for my patience and informing me that they are selecting a position for coordinator of our new Flexible Learning Center, before they get around to the teaching position or positions.

I have no misconceptions about getting a teaching position. There are are whole lot of things that will come into play. I am an experienced teacher and will cost more than a new teacher which may be to my disadvantage as money is going to be a factor.

But just in case I don't get a position I ordered some business cards. They were $5 for 500. Five hundred business cards is an awful lot! They are pretty basic with a nice standard picture of clouds on them.

My business cards
Blog Review

I read a lot of interesting blogs and thought I might mention some of them occasionally here. One blog I read avidly is Attic 24. It is about Lucy, and her family and her very colourful world. She is mad on crocheting and craft.

Photo source
Lucy writes every couple of days about the little things in life - things like, flowers, food, sights around her home. I have been reading Attic 24 for about 3 years and look forward to every post. Even though Lucy keeps her life very private and never photographs her children or gives their real names, it has been interesting 'watching' them grow over this time.

This may not be a blog for men, but I think many females would enjoy it.

Interesting sites


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Photo source
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Push to Add Drama
I can't get a picture for this video but it is humorous and definitely worth watching. Click here to view it. It is called Push To Add Drama. 


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