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Thursday, 24 May 2012


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It has been a hectic week but at last I have emailed off my job application. I work at a small school for students with behavior problems. Our management is changing and after 15 years of working at the same place, my job (and those of my colleagues) has been advertised and I must apply in order to keep it. Things are going to be very different and it is not going to be an identical job. But at least I have applied and now must wait and see if I get an interview. I hope that doesn't mean going up to the center headquarters in Brisbane.

Today is quite cold and I bought myself a flower to cheer myself up. I place it in one of the new vases R and B gave me for mother's day and quite like the effect.

I love the shadows that it makes.

We have been knitting jumpers for Cambodian newborn babies with AIDs, at school. P:-)'s daughter M is due to have a baby in October so I have been knitting her one. I just have to stitch it together.

It is Friday morning and I have so much to do today I am feeling quite nervous. Nothing major - just a number of small things. The weather forecast for the weekend looks quite bleak, but we will be quite busy with a party for P:-)'s granddaughter L for her first birthday tomorrow.

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