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Monday, 2 April 2012


When one loves, one does not calculate.
St. Therese of Lisieux

On Sunday we decided to drive up to Mt Keira, a few kilometers away, to admire the view and have coffee. Unfortunately the coffee shop was closed but we did admire the view.

This is the view facing east over the city of Wollongong and across to the harbour.

The picture below shows the industrial area of Wollongong to the south.

Looking across to the steelworks

 This is the view to the north, up towards Stanwell Park.

Looking north up the coast
Walking down the track along the edge of the mountain made me remember how much I love bushwalking, although I am a little limited by aging knees.

Look -out walk
On Sunday evening we went to church. One of the things I like about the evening service is the modern music.

Last night the band had a saxophone player, which really added to the music.

Saxophone player in church.
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  1. Such a beautiful view out to the harbor! It sounds like it was a nice day even with out the coffee. Thank you for sharing the fun sites and thank you for the comments you leave at my blog. I hope you are having a beautiful week.


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