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Tuesday, 3 April 2012


 Four ducks on a pond
A grass bank beyond,
A blue sky of spring,
White clouds on the wing,
What a little thing
To remember for years -
To remember with tears.

William Allingham, an Irish Victorian poet.
 The thought behind these lines is that there are times when we notice the simple beauty around us. This is partly what I want this blog to be. It is why I take so many photos of plants and flowers and my backyard. My philosophy is that to have a good life you must appreciate the small things.

Vintage lady in an apron

Two posts ago I wrote about change - small changes every day accounting for most of the changes that happen in life. I am about to face a big change. I have worked in my little school for 15 years and now big changes are happening. The school is to be closed at the end of the year and reopened in a different guise.As a result my teaching position and those of my two colleagues are being finished up and the positions will be reopened  for new applicants. The powers that be have encouraged us all to reapply, but I will not be surprised if they want new young people with fresh new ideas.

What a hit in the guts! I thought I had a teaching position until I chose to leave it. I am not young. Many of my contemporaries are retiring, but because of my marriage break up and the way my husband and I shared our assets, I have a house, but very little money or superannuation. (Divorce can really wreck your finances.)

I have a lot of experience, and a Masters degree which should stand me in good stead. I do some volunteer community work which should stand me in good stead with my Catholic employers. It is my age which worries me.

But I am determined to make this a time of possibilities and possibility thinking. What else could be out there for me?

Ultimately I have a strong belief in God and that he will look after me.

While my head is spinning I need to focus on the things that are important and constant in my life - P:-) and my family.

Yesterday P:-) and I went for a walk in the afternoon with my daughter R and her little dog.. Jasper my grand- dog loves his walks.

Little Jasper serious.

Jasper's best side

Jasper excited.
We also spotted some galahs, native Australian birds.

Galahs on the road

Two galahs on the road
A lone galah

Interesting sites

Photo source
 Click here to see shattered CDs turned into animal sculptures.

Photo source
 Hong Yi paints a a portrait using coffee and the base of a coffee cup.Click here to view it. (I found this very interesting as my artist daughter J went through a 'coffee' period a number of years ago.)

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