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Sunday, 1 April 2012


Human felicity is produced not so much by great pieces of good fortune that seldom happen, as by little advantages that occur every day.
Benjamin Franklin

I very much believe this. Little things will happen each day. Every day we have choices to make. Sometimes nothing much seems to happen, but if we look back over 5 or 10 years there may have been great changes in our lives. When I look back there have been great changes in my life over time, but not great changes from day to day (except for 1 or 2 and I think these dramatic changes would be too much to handle too often.)

Vintage dog with sign.

It was a sunny weekend. P:-) and I didn't have much planned so P:-) helped me tidy up down the side of my house, or rather I helped P:-). (I don't think this had been done for about 7 years! Because of the nature of my marriage split up I had found it difficult to face the garden. Now I just have trouble finding time.)

This is how it looked down the side of my house on Saturday morning.

Saturday morning.
This is how it looked by the end of the afternoon.

Saturday afternoon
Sometimes I am just a little lost at how to proceed, but P:-) knows just what to do. We do disagree a little on what is 'weeds' and what is decorative. A lot of the pots are left over from when my daughter J was in her gardening phase 20 years ago. A lot of repotting needs to be done, but everything certainly looks a lot neater.

I made some little finds as we were gardening. I love moss and there were lots of little patches of green moss.

Moss patches

Moss closeup.

I came across a flowering  bromeliad hidden away in an overgrown geranium.

Bromeliad flower

Bromeliad flower
And I found a lone begonia flowering at the bottom of the stairs.

Begonia flower

Begonia flower
Of course a flower is a reason for excitement in my garden as there is so little sun, but the flowering of the  monstera deliciosa  in my front garden was very exciting. I only noticed it on Saturday afternoon.

Monstera deliciosa flower

 The flower is quite spectacular. The fruit is visible on the inside.

I have a couple more growing.

Monstero deliciosa
So all in all it was quite a productive day.

Wait! I forgot. I found one  native iris which I put in a vase inside.

Native iris.

Iris in a vase
Although a lot of these flowers may seem small and insignificant, appreciation of them is indicative of the way I view life. It is important to appreciate and enjoy the small things. The big events in life don't come all that often and being able to appreciate the little things makes life far richer.

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