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Thursday, 12 April 2012


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 Wow! This just sums up how life should be. Free. Adventurous. Simple.

Yesterday I went to see a Minister at my church regarding a reference for my job application. I have met him in passing and know him to have a brief chat to.

My Church

It all went very well. He was aware of some of the things I do, so that made it easier. I feel very positive- not necessarily that I will get my old job - but positive that something is going to turn up.

This morning I took Jasper for a walk again. It was lovely walking in the sunshine. I spotted a pretty camellia tree.
Camellia tree
I have changed my eating patterns again after reading The China Study by Campbell and Campbell.

This book was very compelling, citing numerous studies. The conclusion it reached was that a plant based diet is most healthy. So I am going to try a plant based diet. I am not going completely vegan. If I am out somewhere I will eat what is available. Every Wednesday night I have dinner at my mother's and have fish which I love so I am not changing that. But at home I have changed to soy bean milk, and dairy free margarine. I am also trying not to consume foods which have more than 3 grams of sugar per 100 grams. This was based on the I Quit Sugar book by Sarah Wilson.

Some of this is different of course to the Primal  Diet which is based on animal protein. I tried this last year. I am looking for a way of eating healthily where I can lose some weight and not be hungry.

I have bought a book which looks useful - The Complete Guide to Vegan Food Substitutions by Celine Steen and  Joni Marie Newman

It has a lot of interesting substitutions such as Basic Tofu Sour Cream  and Basic Homemade Sorta Yoghurt. I shall be interested to see how these work.

Of course, buying a book means getting rid of two books so I have chosen the following:

Both these books are over 20 years old - published before broccoli and blueberries were reputed to be super-foods. These were amongst the books I culled from my recipe books during my  tidy up a few days ago. As you can see I have been researching food and diets for a long time. I never give up hope. One day I am going to find the right diet for me - healthy and not hungry.

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