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Tuesday, 10 April 2012


 Man is the richest when his pleasures
are the simplest.

  Keith Levy (The Flying Tortoise)

I find this quote very timely. If I find myself no longer with a job my pleasures will have to become far more simple. The next few months will certainly be a time of reflection and planning.

Meanwhile I am on holidays from school. Easter has come and gone and we spent a very quiet time as P:-) was unwell with a tummy bug. My daughter R:-) has gone away for a week and so I am looking after my grand-dog Jasper.

(I think this is becoming a blog about Jasper.)

I have spent the days watching TV with P:-) ; playing Words With Friends (like scrabble) on my iphone;

Words With Friends
sorting out my recipe books.

Recipe books

I culled my recipe books and then decided to give them their own shelf in the laundry. A strange place for recipe books perhaps, but the shelf fits in there well and I should be able to keep them organized.

Every day I take Jasper for a walk.

Walking Jasper

I enjoy this stroll around the neighborhood. I let Jasper stop and sniff as he goes which is a blessing as we walk up the hill.

Jasper sniffing.
On one of our walks I spotted a clump of toadstools in the footpath. They were past their best but definitely worth a picture.


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