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Thursday, 29 March 2012


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 What a great quote! It helps those of us who believe in souls to remember that our souls will go on for ever, but our body is only short lived.
Vintage fairy on butterfly.
School holidays at last!!!! I have lots of plans.


I have very few flowers in my garden so I was pleased to see my pandorea flowering this morning.

It is a native flower and lasts quite well in a vase.

Six old books

It is over a week since I bought my last books. I bought 3 so I need to get rid of six.
These are the first two I have chosen - an old book on digital photography and another old book on being a Christian and having money. 

The former I have never used and it is now a bit dated. The latter was printed in 1977. I have never read it either. There were times during my life when I wondered about the ethics of having money when 80% of the world are relatively poor. I am more at ease with it now.

The second two books I chose were an old book on maths and a book on astronomy for senior school students.

 Both these books were old and the astronomy book was too advanced for me and had no colored pictures.

The last two books were one on communications and an old children's atlas of archeological sites. Both these books had been bought second hand and neither had been particularly useful.

These books will go back to the Salvo's store from where they were bought some years ago.

 Interesting sites

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 Click here to check out this great hotel made from snow.

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 Click here to see more photos of the world's tallest climbing wall.

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  Click here to see some more pictures of this tiny houseboat.

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