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Sunday, 26 February 2012


Reading is a means of thinking with another person's mind; it forces you to stretch your own.
Charles Scribner, Jr.

Where would we be without reading? There is nothing like starting a new book. Most of my books come via Amazon UK or Amazon USA. It is lovely when a package arrives on my doorstep and I know there is plenty of reading inside. Because postage is cheaper with a few books, most of my packages contain more than one book. Sometimes I have forgotten what I have purchased and get a lovely surprise when I open my package.

My other source of books is second hand. The first thing I look at in a thrift shop is the books. I love craft books. I buy them with great optimism - but I seldom have the time to make much. One day when I retire I will have a treasure trove of things to make.

Much of my reading is on the internet. Browsing the internet has taken the place of magazines for me. I am still tempted to buy the occasional magazine, especially at Christmas time when they contain Christmas crafts. I love reading blogs and feel I know many of the people who write them.

Some favourite blogs.

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Julia Crossland: Colorful stories from this bright life


Vintage ad
It is P:-)'s sister's birthday on 5th March. We plan to see her tomorrow for an early celebration and I bought a beautiful card. I just had to take a photo.

Picture on card
For some reason Sydney Water has set up a pipe up our street so the water supply can bypass the usual pipes.

The pipe goes along my footpath and links into the fire hydrant.

The pipe goes straight across my drive way. I had a letter explaining the reason for this. I cannot find it now but it said something about checking for electricity in the pipes. This does seem a little strange to me. I wish I could find the letter.
The main thing is that I still have water - hot and cold. I have had my water off so much recently, I would hate to have it off again. Apparently it was off for an hour on Friday but since I wasn't home it made no difference to me.

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