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Wednesday, 1 February 2012


 God is alive
Magic is afoot

Leonard Cohen

Keeping an eye out school

School began again today. As yet we have no students so I spent time cleaning my desk.

My daughter had created this picture several years ago and I had it sitting at the back of my desk at school.

The picture is done with chalk pastels. I decided to bring it home and plan to hang it in my bedroom, but may add a touch more gold to the frame.


I made two very pleasing purchases today.

The first is an iPhone - my first smart phone.

New iPhone

 I have felt I was being left far behind in the technology stakes with my old mobile, which couldn't even download most photos I was sent. Luckily my elder daughter J was able to help me set my new one up but I am on a very steep learning curve.

The second purchase was 13 Corelle dinner plates from Woolworths.

Corelle plate

My old dinner plates were white and heavy and the glaze was wearing off. They just didn't look clean. I had been buying the new Corelle plates because they are light and when I carry a stack of them they will be a lot kinder to my back. Below is a photo of 16 of my new Corelle plates on the left next to 6 of my old heavier plates.

Comparison of plates

 The Corelle plates had been $7 each and I had been buying one each week. But when I saw them on special at $4.90 each I bought all 13 they had in the store, giving me a nice saving of  $27.30.  So I now have 16 of them. I actually prefer my old plates but these new ones are lovely and white, and being easier to store and carry are far more practical.

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