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Sunday, 12 February 2012


The secret to success is constancy to purpose

Benjamin Disraeli 

It was good for me to read this quote today. It beamed out like a beacon.I am back at school. We have had 11 kids start and I am in bit of a quandary as to where to start with my lessons. I guess the main thing to go back to is the purpose of what I am doing and who am I trying to please. My purpose is the welfare and learning of my students. I need to be consistent with this and not let the politics of the workplace get to me.

Thunder has been rumbling much of the day and this is the view through the window of my computer room.

It is raining lightly. A bird has just landed in a tree outside. it is difficult to get a good view of it through the rain.

I had always called these Wonga pigeons or Wood pigeons, but after much hunting in Neville Cayley's What Bird Is That ? and on the internet I finally decided it must be a  Brown Cuckoo Dove, otherwise known as a Brown Pigeon - Macropygia amboinesis.

 Looking up through the trees on my front footpath the sky is grey.


 But as soon the sun is out again and I can just about see the grass on my front footpath growing before my eyes. It loves this weather in summer.

I need to get out and cut it but I have an electric whipper-snipper and I don't like to use that unless it is completely dry.
With school issues and some personal issues, life is just a bit hectic at the moment, so I may not get as many posts out for a short time. Hopefully things will calm down soon.
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