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Friday, 27 January 2012


Luck is the crossroads where preparation and opportunity meet. 


 There is no point just sitting around hoping for something to happen.
Be out there - getting ready.
Moving towards your goal
So when opportunity knocks you are ready to answer.

Nature table

I browsed through a new antique shop just down the road. It is quite a large area divided into smaller areas for a number of separate dealers. It was fascinating.

I just had to have these 2 emu eggs.

I have a few 'Nature' bits and pieces that I have around the place. Most of them have some sort of sentimental attachment. I decided to put them in the one place to make a 'nature shelf'.
Nature display
This little nest of a Fairy Wren was found in the backyard
photo credit

  Superb fairywren

The coral is from a holiday in Vanuatu. The vertebra is from a seal in a colony in New Zealand. (It was a little tricky getting it through customs as they had never had any one bring one through before and they were concerned that they may have been protected. But all was OK.)

But I felt my little shelf needed some sprucing up so I added some glass candle holders for specimens to sit on.

Display with glass added

Nature display on bookshelf
TV cabinet

I suppose the closest I have to a mantle piece is my TV cabinet. I gave it a bit of a tidy.

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Photo:Tiny House Talk
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  1. The eggs are adorable :) Btw, thanks for the sweet comment on my featured play kitchen at Creative DIYers Club.