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Sunday, 29 January 2012


 The most complicated task today is finding a way to live a simple life. 
W. A. Nance

I concur with this. There is only one of me in my house but I have so much stuff. I am trying to cut down and make things more simple but it is a very slow process. Generally my life is pretty simple. I don't do anything very sophisticated. I am happy for a simple life with P:-). But I do need to simplify my clothing and my school paperwork. Easier said than done.

Noah's Ark

I am a lover of all things Noah's Ark. I bought this framed print at the Salvation Army Store for 4$

Framed Noah's Ark print.

Detail of print
Detail of print

Detail of print

 I decided that I wanted the frame gold, to match the bedroom I am planning. Unfortunately when I removed the print from the frame I broke a corner of the glass. How annoying!

Cracked top right hand corner of glass.

Cracked glass
I could think of a couple of solutions.

1. Draping something across the corner of the picture to cover the cracked glass.
2. Or doing something on all the corners to disguise it.

So I decided to give it some thought while I sprayed the frame.

I sprayed the frame gold, replaced the picture and glass very carefully and hung the picture in my bedroom

Picture hung in bedroom

The picture is hung over an old mirror that I picked up from the Salvation Army Store for $10 and still has to be done up.

Picture over mirror
View from bed 
The crack in the top right hand corner wasn't terribly noticeable but I hung some bluish beads over the corner.

Picture with beads hung over corner
I plan to do the mirror gold and put my Noah's Ark bits and pieces on the shelves underneath. Gold may seem a bit garish for the mirror, but my bedroom is a room that really needs a lot of work e.g. no cupboard doors, and I am on a very limited budget. So I plan to make a bit of a splash. Watch this space!

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