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Tuesday, 24 January 2012


 Do not pray for an easy life. Pray to be a strong person.


Life is never going to be easy. We are all struck with some type of tragedy by the time our life is up. We will have innumerable problems and challenges from very small to very big. No doubt life will be easier for some than others, but nobody's life is easy. If you are a strong person you can deal with the problems and challenges life throws at you. You can make the best of them. I would pray for an easy life it were possible, but I do not think it is in the nature of things for life to be easy. Better to be strong and go with the flow.

 Backyard trail

Today was rather overcast and I was quite expecting a few leeches to latch onto my ankles as I went down the path at the side of my house.

At the end of the path under the tree fern, the garden becomes quite overgrown.

Looking towards the end of my backyard.
If I turn to the right there is a flat area covered in Syngonium or Butterfly Plant and Wandering Dew.

Syngonium on sandstone rock
As I turn to walk back up the side of the house I walked under the tree fern which is just unfurling another frond.

Tree fern overhanging path

Frond unfurling on tree fern
Base of fronds on tree fern
 Lunch at the Yacht Club

My mother G, P:-) and I went to the Illawarra Yacht Club for lunch. Mum hadn't been there before and we wanted her to see the great view and enjoy the good food. We sat at the back of the club - right on the edge of Lake Illawarra.

View of the lake from Yacht Club window
Sea birds seen from Yacht Club window

We really enjoyed lunch.

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