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Sunday, 15 January 2012


 To belittle is to be little.
 I came across this saying on the noticeboard outside the Anglican Church in Milton, on the New South Wales south coast.  

Lake Conjola
Nothing is more relaxing than camping by a lake. P:-) and I took our little caravan to Lake Conjola on the NSW south coast. It was very relaxing and peaceful, although we did look a bit like we were making some sort of political statement with the plastic sheets P:-) rigged up at the front of the awning. He picked them up at a building site years ago.
Our van with advertising
I was worried someone was going to tell us to take them down, but they did give us some privacy.

We had various views of the lake depending on who was camping or moving near us.

View from our site on one day

View from out site on another day.
Kangaroos wandered around at sunrise and sunset.
Kangaroos in front of our van in the evening
The lorikeets  made a continual racket high up in the trees.

Lorikeets in the casurinas high above our van.

Each day we walked along the foreshore to the takeaway shop and bought lunch.

Takeaway shop
One day we hired the boat below with the canopy and went up the lake.
We hired the boat with the canopy.

The photos below were taken from the boat.

Conjola National Park

View from the boat on Lake Conjola

In the boat on Lake Conjola
Lake Conjola isn't a big lake but it is very pretty and the water is crystal clear.

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