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Sunday, 15 January 2012


 It is wise to direct your anger towards problems - not people; to focus your energies on answers
not excuses.
William Ward

The beach at Lake Conjola
 P:-) and I spent a few days in our caravan at Lake Conjola. We walked along the Lake Conjola Foreshore Reserve to the beach.

Lake Conjola, looking back toward the camping area.
Beach at Lake Conjola

Boardwalk to beach
Looking towards beach from boardwalk.

Quite a bit of our holiday centered around food and coffee. Nothing extravagant. I had a fish burger each day for lunch at various locations. I'm sure these would be reasonably healthy if you could get them on a wholemeal bun, bit nowhere is there an option, which is a bit of a shame. I am trying to limit my carbohydrates, and at least eat healthy ones when I do have them.

Fish burger at Ulladulla
 We managed a latte every day. There is nothing more civilized than being able to wander along the edge of a lake, under a row of trees, up to the shop, buy a latte and sip it by the lake.

The path up to the shop

 The shop is one of those old-fashioned businesses that sell a bit of everything - a few groceries, thongs, torches, fishing nets, ice-creams. It did a thriving business, although I imagine it is pretty quiet in the winter months.

 On Saturday P:-) and I drove into Ulladulla for lunch. We parked near the harbor.

Ulladulla Harbor from the car.
We bought lunch at a cafe overlooking the harbor.

View from the cafe.
From Ulladulla we drove to nearby Mollymook for coffee.

Mollymook Beach from the coffee shop.

All in all it was a very enjoyable holiday. I just love the way you can pack up your little house, unfold it and live in it for week before folding it up and coming home.

Our caravan
I enjoy the simplicity of it all, for a while at least. There is no pressure to do anything but sit around, take leisurely walks and decide the next place we are going to visit.

The good thing about coming home is not having to walk a distance to the amenities. Camping , as much fun as it is, also helps you to appreciate home.

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