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Wednesday, 4 January 2012


God, Creator of the heavens -
 He is, remember, God.
Maker of earth-
he put it on its foundations, built it from scratch.
He didn't go to all that trouble
to just leave it empty, nothing in it.
He made it to be lived in
Isaiah 45:18-19 (The Message)

 I came across this in my bible reading this morning. So often we are told in the bible that life is for living. It is God's wish that we have abundant life. But it is our responsibility to take hold of the opportunities that are presented too us.

Plants at Davistown
Packing up is always the worst part of camping. P:-) was in charge of packing the van. I ferried the bits and pieces over to him and helped take down the gazebo.

Some of the stuff to be packed

Dismantling gazebo

Backyard at Davistown
We left the backyard as we found it. Three days of camping didn't seem to affect the lush carpet of green grass.

One of the nice things about driving around  Davistown which is part of Gosford city, is hearing the bellbirds. We heard these as we drove out of town

Bellbirds can be heard in the trees by the road

There is a memorial on the roadside to Henry Kendall which I have only driven past but I guess this was his territory and where he wrote his poem  Bellbirds. (Click here to read about bellbirds and Henry Kendall's beautiful poem.)

Going home means back down across the Hawkesbury River and through Sydney.

View of Hawkesbury River from F3 Freeway
We made s number of stops on the way home, but a pleasant one was for coffee at the E G Waterhouse National Camellia Gardens in Sutherland.

Camellia Gardens, Sutherland

Camellia gardens at Sutherland

We had coffee in the tea house in the gardens.

Camellia Gardens teahouse

Looking outside from inside the tea house.
We called in to see P:-)'s sister at Heathcote and spent an hour or so there.
We also stopped at the Helensburgh house, belonging to P:-)'s daughter and son-in-law. They had built a temporary deck out the back.

Deck at back of Helensburgh house

M and B will really enjoy having this extra space. They are living in 2 rooms with a tiny kitchen and a bathroom. The biggest part of the house is still to come.

We finally arrived home 8 hours after we left Davistown. usually this is a 3 hour drive, but P:-) had an appointment and by the time we made all our other stops it was quite a trip.

It was lovely to be home.

Interesting sites

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