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Thursday, 15 December 2011


Why does man spend his precious time working to earn money to buy things he doesn't need...
Henry David Thoreau 

I certainly wonder at times if I could get by without working. I would love to have more time to get things done in a relaxed way and really appreciate such things as gardening. But then I think what about private medical? Is that something I need or just want? What about running my car? I could live without a car but how would I see my children? I don't buy designer labels. So that wouldn't worry me. I have to have my computer and the internet. Of course I could live without them but having had them would miss them terribly.

It's worth thinking about. What's important in life? Have we got the work/life balance right?
A few days away

P:-) and I spent two nights at Davistown, on the Central Coast of NSW. It is part of the greater city of Gosford.

P:-)'s grandmother was a headmistress. She bought this little cottage as a holiday house and weekender, back in the 1920's.

Cottage with ducks on footpath
 P:-) spent much of his time growing up here, with his mother, an only child inheriting it after her mother died. Circumstances over the years meant it changed hands in the family and finally ended up being owned by an Uncle on P:-)'s father's side of the family. Ed has since died amd the place stays closdd up. P:-)'s cousins are trying to sell it , but can't get the price they want..

The house has grape vines covering the side of it. It is very picturesque.
Grapevines on the side of the house

The house is falling apart. P:-) and I stayed out the back in our trusty little van. P:-)'s cousin lives next door so they set us up with electricity. It is a lovely place.
View from the house
 If we look out from our van there is a road, a children's playground and then the water. A very short distance to the left are the public baths. The fenced of pool has been there for at least 60 years.

It is a beautiful place and P:-) has many lovely stories to tell about his childhood holidays there.

This time there seemed to be lots of birds around, especially ducks and plovers.

Ducks and plovers.
I was quite proud of getting the ducks and plovers in the one photo. Not an easy feat.

On Tuesday we went for a walk along the waters edge and spotted a pelican near Saratoga.

Pelican across from Saratoga
You can see the pelican above, on the left hand side of the photo, just coming out from behind the reeds.

 Here he is again traveling in the opposite direction.

P:-) and I spend a lot of time just sitting around talking when we are camping. It is lovely just getting away from the rat race.

Campsite at breakfast

There is nothing like sitting around and drinking coffee from a plastic mug when you are camping. You really feel that you are living the good life.

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