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Thursday, 8 December 2011


Appreciation can make a day, even change a life. Your willingness to put it into words is all that is necessary.
  Margaret Cousins

I work at a small school for teenagers with behavior problems. Yesterday was the final day of school for us. The students had their 'graduation' - a fairly small event with only about 6 out of 20 students turning up to receive their certificates. But one of the good things was the words of appreciation we received from the parents and the students. We receive very few words of appreciation from our students during the year - only on the odd occasion and it is always lovely to receive.

I try to express my appreciation as much as possible. When I am shopping I thank people for going the extra mile and at times I have rung a shop up to express my appreciation of a worker. I try to be appreciative at home.There are probably times that I miss chances, but it is really important to give words of appreciation when possible.

 Today looks like being a good day, although there are a few clouds sneaking over the top of the mountains.

View from my computer this morning.

I decorated the table ready for Christmas night when my family will come around for dinner.

It  may seem a bit crazy to be starting organizing the table now, but I intend to be away for a few days on and off before Christmas.

 I may add to this as the days go by.

 The candle holders are actually parts of an old light fitting. I don't know what the fitting was like as I bought the parts as is from an Op Shop some time ago. They are actually earmarked for another project, but I think they make great candle holders for now.

I love Christmas Bush. I have planted it a few times in my garden and it has failed to thrive. In fact I didn't even think I had any until I cut down some trees and found a couple of bushes struggling underneath. 

Christmas Bush struggling between other plants. 

Really prolific Christmas  bush has the red flowers much closer together but I don't think mine gets enough sun.

I am not going to have bunches of it to put in vases, but I may put together a small vase of Christmas bush on Christmas day,


 Click here  to read about early humans being deep-sea fishermen.

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This is a railway carriage transformed into a little house. Click here to see the beautiful, tardis-like interior. 


Illustration: Robert Neubecker
 It turns out that being thankful is good for our health. There is an interesting article in the 

Wall Street Journal. Health Journal about  thankful people being healthier and happier.  A growing body of research suggests that maintaining an attitude of gratitude can improve psychological, emotional and physical well-being. This article is really worth reading.

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