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Sunday, 4 December 2011


Give thanks to the Lord, for He is good, His love endures forever.  
Psalm 107:1
Christmas shopping

The weather is very cool today. Apparently this is the coldest beginning to summer in over 50 years. I don't mind. I love the spring weather (although autumn is my favorite) so I am happy for the coolness of spring to continue a bit longer.

Christmas decorating

Daughter J is a sculptor. She created the small white sculpture under the cloche on the left, and she also gave me the snow-globe  on the right. You can change the picture in the snow-globe.

These were added to my sideboard with the nativity scenes and a few glass,silver and gold balls.

I tried a couple of runners but didn't have just the right one so I shall have a look in the shops tomorrow. I think some tall candles may be in order also.

In the garden

A bit of rearranging in the garden yesterday led me to look closely  at this giant pitcher as I moved it.

 I was delighted to see moss growing on it.

I love the way the moss is following the pattern. This pitcher and stand used to be quite a bright, light blue, but I am rather pleased at the way they are weathering. I hope moving them to a new position won't inhibit the moss growth.

This morning there was a spider web in my letterbox. I am surprised with all the junk mail that comes every day at this time of year that there was time for a spider to spin a web.

The poor spider won't have his web there for very long.

There are several types of webs
  • Spiral orb webs,
  • Tangle webs or cobwebs
  • Funnel webs
  • Tubular webs, which run up the bases of trees or along the ground
  • Sheet webs
  • Dome or tent webs
After some brief research I  have ascertained that this is a sheet web.

Work in progress

I have just about finished the crocheting of the elephant But I have stuffed some of it and am not quite sure how it is going to look.

I have stitched the head and body together.This is my second go at the trunk. It is a bit tricky.

Interesting sites


 This resort is worth a look. I would be very worried about waves coming up, but with the lavish huts they must be pretty sure of the water. Click here to see some beautiful and interesting pictures. 


 This article suggests eating protein to ward off the afternoon snooze. Click here  to read more.

  Click here to read about  this beautiful house in the snow.

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