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Sunday, 18 December 2011


A belief is not an idea that you possess. It is an idea that possesses you.
John C Maxwell

Merry Christmas

Christmas carols

On Saturday night P:-) and I went to the Figtree Christmas Community Carols held by Figtree Anglican Church. They were held on a lovely green area at the back of Figtree High school which is immediately next to the church. Rain over the last few weeks had made the football fields lush and green.

It was the first time P:-) had been and the first time I had been for quite a few years when I wasn't a volunteer, so that while I felt a little guilty, I really enjoyed the night.

We arrived around 6pm. People were beginning to fill up the area. All the rides were in full swing and there was a band playing..
Looking towards the stage at 6pm     
Looking towards the stage from our seats
 P:-) was impressed with the size of the speakers either side of the stage and the cranes that held them in the photo above.

The Rural Fire Service played a major part in the organization of the event. They received money from a collection taken up. Children queued to sit in their firetrucks.

Children sitting in the front of a firetruck

The crowds grew until they numbered in the thousands. There was lots of music and then Colin Buchanan came on. The children especially loved him.
Liam Cooper on stage

 The carols began at 8.30pm, arranged and played  by a group called the Motown Crowd and later by Liam Cooper. The music was really fantastic, with the carols given all types of clever arrangements.

At 9.30 the fireworks began.

These were coordinated by the Rural Fire Service, which itself is a bit of an irony.

The only disappointing part of the evening was that the food stalls were limited and all that was really available for dinner were very basic sausage or steak sandwiches and hotdogs. The good thing was that they were very cheap.

All in all it was a great evening. Great weather and great music.

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