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Sunday, 18 December 2011


The first and most important step towards success is the expectation that we can succeed.
Nelson Boswell
Merry Christmas

Yesterday we finished P:-)'s Christmas shopping. I am quite proud of the way I shop for Christmas. I usually know what I am buying and I go and buy it.I plan the shops, plan the route and off we go. In a couple of hours we had done all the shopping for P:-)'s children, grandchildren, sisters and friends.

P:-) was keen to see his daughter's house in Helensburgh so we went there in the afternoon. I have written about it occasionally but I will do a quick recap.

M and B, P:)'s daughter and son-in-law bought an old miner's cottage in Helensburgh. Unfortunately I only have pictures of the outside once it was painted and re-roofed.

Exterior of Helensburgh House September 2011.   

The Helensburgh House in September
They gutted the inside of the house and relined it all and redid the floors.

Rear of house in October
Hall in late December
Lounge room December 2011
Lounge room December 2011

The house has 2 main rooms - a bedroom and a loungeroom. There is a tiny kitchen and a bathroom that is still underway.
Unfinished bathroom December 2011

 P:-) and I are off for a few days to Sanctuary Point not far from Nowra down the coast. We will take the trusty caravan of course, but I won't be able to blog for a few days.

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