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Sunday, 6 November 2011


Photo of moon by me

Because when all is said and done,
the last word is Immanuel - God with us. 
 Isaiah 8:10 (The Message)

I am up to Isaiah in my Bible reading and the first few chapters are a bit on the bleak side so this verse stood out like a bright light.
Photo of tree and moon by me
I was quite pleased with these photos I took of the moon. I have tried to take the moon at night but I need to learn a bit more about my camera before I do that successfully

Yesterday there were a few Rosellas around. Below is one across the road.

Below is another one in a tree above me.

There is quite a variety of birds around but photographing them is a different matter. There was a blue wren otherwise known as superb fairy wren,  in my front garden yesterday, but by the time I had grabbed my camera it was gone.

I have been working on my flying pig . He is almost up to the stuffing.

It looks like  bilby at the moment but hopefully when it is stuffed it will look more like a pig.

I have made it in felt so I could do it by hand, but I really think it is a bit thick for the pattern and as well as this, if I want to make many of them I will have to sew them on machine or they will take too long.

I am reading Bird by Bird by Anne Lamott.

In the introduction she writes, '...that writing motivates you to look closely at life, at life as it lurches by and tramps around.'

It is very true. Just by writing this blog I find myself taking note of the good things in my life. I am constantly on the look out for a photo opportunity. I look at things in a different way.

I like the description of life 'as it lurches by'. There is not doubt that life 'lurches'. For a while there is peace and calm and then something dramatic turns up. Then all is peaceful until the next drama. I also like the idea that life 'tramps around.' There is the feeling that there is a general heading forward but it may be in a round about way. And tramping is almost like stamping. It is not smooth like 'gliding' or fast like 'sprinting'. It is bumpy, and that certainly represents life for most of us, if not all of us.

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