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Sunday, 20 November 2011


"You don't love to garden?" they'd ask incredulously, and I'd shake my head and not mention that what I love are cut flowers, because this sounds so violent and decadent, like when Salvador Dali  said his favorite animal was fillet of sole.
 Anne Lamott in Bird by Bird p.79

(Click here if you would like to learn about Salvador Dali )

Sunday. Neither P:-) nor I had any commitments today so we just stayed around the house. P:-) decided it was time to attack my back paving. It had become very overgrown. He did a great job of clearing it. I helped a bit.

For various reasons this area had become covered in weeds. It is now weed free but needs some rearranging.

We spotted an echidna in next-door's  yard - just ambling along.

Echidna walking away from camera

Echidna walking away from camera
You can see his nose in the photo above.

Later we went to Figtree Anglican Church for the evening service.

Evening service looking towards stage
 I met a man at church who I hadn't seen for about 40 years. We grew up together in another suburb, at another church. I was surprised he recognized me. I would never have recognized him. I imagine he was about 17 when I saw him last and now he must be early fifties.

We called into P:-)'s house on the way home. The sunset was beautiful.

 The sky is such beautiful colors. This is often the case with the sunsets at P:-)'s place.

P:-) has given me some lovely flowers over the past 3 years. I made this wreath from roses that I had dried from flowers that P:-) has given me, and eucalyptus leaves.

I had bought a 50cent wreath base from a craft shop. It was Styrofoam, but covered in brown leaves. I just pinned on the eucalyptus leaves and then pinned on the roses. I am not quite sure where I am going to put it yet.

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