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Monday, 21 November 2011


 Of course, there will always be more you could do, but you have to remind yourself that perfectionism is the voice of the oppressor.
Anne Lamott  in Bird by Bird p.93

Today I actually went for a walk in the morning - only a short one - I have to get my knees used to walking again gradually. So it was just down the street and back up again. I shall increase it a little each week. I had planned to go  at 6 am but only managed 8.30. But I was quite pleased with myself.

I am lucky they I live in a pretty area. This is the view as I walk out my front driveway.

It is so pretty while the purple jacaranda is flowering.

In the front yard next door is an old gnarled standard rose, with frilly pink blooms.

Look at the diameter of the trunk. I wonder how old this rose is and how big it would have been if it had been allowed to grow at its own rate.

The roses grow in large clusters.

My next door  neighbors have professional gardeners to look after their garden. It must make life a lot easier.

I bought the two blue and black cushion covers in the middle for $4.50 each at the two dollar shop. I haven't quite decided if they go with the rest of the cushions in my lounge room.

The flash on the camera has made the new satin cushions look very shiny and faded some of the others, so it is a little difficult to get the real idea.

I hung the rose wreath on the wall of my entry hall.

A couple of petals fell down as I put it up so I gave it a good spray with some hairspray and hope that keeps it intact for a while.

This afternoon was bible study at the church. The roses in the garden out the front are beautiful.

Please read this and click on the link

I don't like to finish on a sad note but I have just been reading about the cruelty to factory raised pigs. Pigs actually have the cognitive resources of a 3 years old. I hate cruelty to animals and when I read things such as this I find myself thinking about it for ages. It makes me so sad for these animals. Animals Australia is sponsoring a radio ad to try and stop the cruelty to factory farmed pigs. Please click here and read about the plight of factory farmed pigs in Australia and consider eating free range ham and pork this Christmas.

When I see these things about animals I think of my little Jasper. (Actually my Daughter R's Jasper)

Jasper the Mini Foxie
What if he were treated badly? The pigs are as smart as Jasper. What if he was treated like the pigs?

Every now and then I put something on Facebook, like this, that I am interested in - that I feel strongly about.  I think the last thing was about cluster bombs not being banned by the USA. There was no response. I rarely if ever get a comment or even a 'like'. I have put the plight of the pigs on on Facebook and I will let you if anybody shows the slightest interest.

Sometimes cruelty in the world just seems so overwhelming.

And don't forget to buy free range pork and ham.

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