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Wednesday, 2 November 2011


On Halloween night, a few enthusiastic little trick or treaters broke the beaded cord hanging on a bell outside my front door. Today I rethreaded it on some new leather.

Beaded bell pull at front door

The beads are quite old and weathered. So is the bell, but I like them that way.
Beads at front door
Perhaps when I repaint the front door I will  thread on some new beads to coordinate.

In the garden

I love the look of the raindrops on the leaves.

Raindrops on the back of eucalyptus leaves

Raindrops on back of eucalyptus leaf
Below is a wild flower I can't remember the name of, that is blooming in my front garden. It was planted many years ago.

It is very pretty and grows out of the wood on the branch.

I've forgotten the name of this one below also. It is another native.

This is a more subtle flower but has its own charm.

I would really appreciate it if anyone could tell me the names of both these plants.

Art around the house

Below are some pictures painted in acrylics by my daughter J about 15 years ago.

They are in my hallway.

Interesting sites

Click here to read about why orcas migrate north.

See this field of 2000 wispy dandelions turned into a work of art.

  This house at Lake Tahoe, California , USA is beautiful inside.Click here to see some beautiful photos

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