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Sunday, 27 November 2011


The difference between
A flower and a weed
Is judgement.

It is true. A lot of the plants that we consider weeds in Australia were brought over here because they were either ornamental or useful. Lantana  was brought here as an ornamental plant. It is now found through out the Australian bush and is very vigorous and hard to eliminate. But it does have pretty flowers.

Lantana flowers
Similarly the humble dandelion, brought here by the early colonists as a food, now grows wild everywhere. It ruins our lawns and we never eat it.
Dandelion flower in P:-)'s backyard.
Dandelion seed head in P:-)'s backyard.
The dandelion is pretty and useful, but we don't consider it that way. For us it is generally a nuisance. (Although I must admit that at one time when she was very poor my daughter J who was a vegan was very happy to put dandelions in her soup.)

As with the lantana and the dandelion it is the same with many things in life. It all depends on how we view our circumstances, or things that happen to us. It is good to be able to see the positive side of things. Positive people are far more successful in life. But we also have to be realistic. There is no point looking on the bright side if there isn't one. Being positive means looking for solutions. Taking control. Making the best out of something.
So view your plants as flowers if you can, but if they are truly weeds make a plan to eliminate them.

Speaking of plants and grass and such I gave my front footpath a bit of a haircut this afternoon.
Footpath before haircut

Footpath after haircut.
The footpath isn't at its best yet. I use my trusty electric whipper-snipper. I can only cut for a while before my back plays up, so I need to give it a closer crop, which I shall do tomorrow if I have a chance.

I have started crocheting an elephant.

The picture above is how it is supposed to look when it is finished. If you would like the pattern click here.

So far the pattern seems to be working.

People are very generous putting their patterns on the internet for free, but sometimes they may not be done as meticulously as patterns that you pay for.

I like to do something while I am watching TV. I had planned to go into flying pig  production but it was too much work to be making them by hand.

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