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Saturday, 26 November 2011


Life is like a recycling center, where all the dramas of humankind get recycled back and forth across the universe. But what you have to offer is your own sensibility, maybe your own sense of humor or insider pathos or meaning.
 Anne Lamott,  Bird by Bird p.181

It has been another sunny day and I am writing this as the sun goes down.
View from computer as sun goes down
I was very pleased with a big glass bowl I bought at the Salvation Army store for $5. It had been sitting in my entry hall since I had unloaded it from the car a few days before.
Big glass bowl

It made interesting  light patterns against the wall when the sun was in the right place.

Light pattern on wall

I filled it with pine cones I have collected on my morning walks.
Bowl of pine cones

I decided I liked it in the entry hall  where it had been sitting so I left it there.
Bowl of pine cones at end of hall
Bowl of pine cones at end of hall

I will add some Christmas baubles to it on the 1st December.

I came across this piece on a blog called.Homemaker On A Dime. The writer was named as The University Presbyterian.

It talks about the things that make life rich and fulfilling and don't necessarily cost any money.

Man does not live by bread alone, but by beauty and harmony, truth and goodness, work and recreation, affection and friendship, aspiration and worship.

Not by bread alone, but by the splendor of the firmament at night, the glory of the heavens at dawn, the blending of colors at sunset, the loveliness of magnolia trees, the magnificence of mountains.

Not by bread alone, but by the majesty of ocean breakers, the shimmer of moonlight on a calm lake, the flashing silver of a mountain torrent, the exquisite patterns of snow crystals, the creations of artists.

Not by bread alone, but by the sweet song of a mockingbird, the rustle of the wind in the trees, the magic of a violin, the sublimity of a softly lighted cathedral.

Not by bread alone, but by the fragrance of roses, the scent of orange blossoms, the smell of new-mown hay, the clasp of a friend's hand, the tenderness of a mother's kiss.

Not by bread alone, but by the lyrics of poets, the wisdom of sages, the holiness of saints, the biographies of great souls.

Not by bread alone, but by comradeship and high adventure, seeking and finding, serving and sharing, loving and being loved.

Man does not live by bread alone, but by being faithful in prayer, responding to the guidance of the Holy Spirit, finding and doing the loving will of God now and eternally.

The University Presbyterian

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