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Friday, 11 November 2011


God doesn't make mistakes.
 Skip Moen

The miniature Coriander garden is growing taller, although a bit leggy.

There is enough of it there now to use as a garnish. I shall have to start garnishing the salads with it.

I teach  at a small school for students aged 15 to 19 with behavior problems. Two of the boys at school today were doing a special activity of providing  lunch. They had to set the table which they found very difficult as they never sit at the table with their families. Both of them live with their fathers and siblings and said they just eat  in their rooms.

This was the result. You can just see a small flower arrangement at the end of the table. That didn't last very long. It kept getting knocked off the edge by the two 'waiters'. Luckily it didn't have any water in it.

I found this lone hydrangea around the back of the building for the boys to put on the table. I had always assumed hydrangeas were an old English cottage garden plant, but it seems they are actually from Asia.

The boys had a debrief with M the other teacher, at the table outside.

They had to write a report on what they had done. They did a good job and we had a lot of laughs.

Every second Friday I take my daughter J to pay her rent for her studio. She rents a studio in town, not far from where she lives. Today I took these photos of her to show you her great hair.

These photos above are taken in the bright sunlight. Her hair is actually dark blue. I shall try and take a photo of J inside sometime. It is interesting hair because if you see it in dim light it just looks her natural very dark brown.

I have just about finished the first flying pig.

So far he only has pins for eyes and his wings pinned on his back. In the original pattern the wings are actually buttoned onto the pig, but since I plan to give this to P:-)'s little granddaughter, and I am not very good at buttonholes, just stitching the wings on firmly seems a better option.

Above is his cute little face. He doesn't have a tail in the original pattern but I plan to add a curly one, plus some decorative felt flowers to cover some of the more prominent stitching.

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