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Thursday, 10 November 2011


Today was very warm. There is no doubt that Summer will soon be here. This afternoon P:-) and I took our little Jayco Finch camper trailer to have a registration check.

Jayco Finch
In  the state of NSW, Australia, road vehicles must have a safety check before they can be registered each year. Our little van passed with flying colors.

Below is our van when it is opened out.
Our van
It isn't the smartest van in the caravan park, bur we love it. It is 1982 vintage which actually makes it vintage.
We are booked to go to Lake Conjola in January.

Photo from Lake Conjola Entrance Tourist Park website

 We plan to stay at the Lake Conjola Entrance Tourist Park. I am really looking forward to this holiday. I love staying in our little van.

Tonight was Manna House. It is held at Figtree Anglican Church every Thursday night. A meal is provided for people who come in off the street. They may have all sorts of needs. They may be homeless or just lonely. Anyone is welcome.

I provide puzzles for the adults and older children and on completion they receive a chocolate. Some of the children are not old enough to do the puzzles so they will draw me a picture.

This is a picture of me standing under a rainbow by Olivia.


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