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Tuesday, 25 October 2011


Wake up North Wind
Get moving South Wind!
Breathe on my garden,
fill the air with spice and fragrance.

Song of Solomon 4:16
(The Message)

I read this is my bible reading this morning. I love the imagery. With just a few words I am transported to a lush garden with a gentle breeze and beautiful perfume.

On my walk

This morning I began walking again. It has been a while since I have done much walking because of a knee problem. My specialist told me I should start walking again, but just small distances and gradually move on to longer distances until I am back to walking 40 minutes again.

It was a beautiful day so I took my camera. This was my view down the street. I could see the sea shining in the distance.

I decided I was going to take a photo of at least 1 thing as I was walking. The surprising thing is how much I actually noticed when I had a camera in my hand, looking for an interesting picture. Much more than I would usually notice as I just walked past.

I chose this tree with moss growing on it.

Tree with moss growing on it.

I like the texture and the shapes the bark makes and the color of the moss.

Christmas things

It was quite exciting to receive a fat envelop in the mail from the USA and open it to find a Christmas book by Matthew Mead .

Holiday book

I have to pace myself very carefully. I have many craft books and don't seem to get around to doing all the craft I would like but this Christmas I want to try and decorate a bit more. But I have to be very careful not to buy everything I see on the internet. It is so easy and there is so much!

But this looks interesting. I think I will get a few ideas out of it.

Art around the house

Miniature by R
This is actually a very small painting done by R about 15 years ago. It has  lovely bright colors and two of my favorite subjects - trees and the sea.

Interesting sites


Have a look at some satellite images of earth showing human habitation and the influence of technology.


Have a look at some decorated pumpkins over at  iLoveTo CreateBlog.


Graham Hill, designer and writer talks about having less stuff and more happiness. He has a great apartment space.

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