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Thursday, 27 October 2011


What matters most

On his blog Matthew Mead writes that these are words to live by:

What matters most.....

How well you lived
 How well you loved
How well you let go

I thought of the things we have to let go. Our children. Our spouse. The past. It does seem that the quality of the life we lead depends on how well we have let things go and dealt with the past. In my own case I have some wonderful memories and some not so wonderful, but the main thing is to appreciate the present and look forward to the future. Collect up the memories, tuck them away to be brought out on special occasions. Let go and move on.

Around my house

This afternoon when I was at my computer a pair of kookaburras landed on the sheoak outside my window. I only managed to photograph one as the other flew away before I could retrieve my camera. I love the lichen on the branch. It is supposed to be a sign of healthy air. I'm not quite so sure about that. I do get a lot of coal dust from the trucks coming down Mount Ousely not far away.  The pass down the mountain is up through the trees. It is quiet during the daytime, but at night you can hear the brakes of the trucks as they come down the mountain.

This is a photo taken outside the front of my house looking up towards Mt Ousely

Looking up towards Mt Ousely
My street actually stops before it reaches Mt Ousley but this is the way as the crow flies.

Below is the view looking up towards Mount Ousely from my back yard.

Looking towards Mt Ousely
It is quite cool and wet today. These succulents looked very pretty where they have retained water.

 The water droplets look like pieces of glass or crystal  caught between the leaves.

Art and craft

I bought a pattern for this flying pig by Laura Wilson a few weeks ago.

Stuffed flying pig

It has taken me a while to buy some felt to sew him with. I decided on felt as it would be easy to do by hand while I am watching the TV.  I have some pretty colors to choose from.

Felt sheets
Today we made bats at school for Halloween.
Black paper bats

These are quite simple. They are made from two pieces of black cartridge paper, attached to clothes pegs. For some reason, most of the students at our school don't like cutting out, so most students will only make 2 each. But they look very effective massed together.

Interesting sites

 Click here to view a video about an air purifier that uses technology as well as plants.

I have never seen a camping hut in the bush like this one in Norway. Click here to read more about it and see its beautiful interior.

 Click here to view the restoration of this turreted Queen Anne house in  Newburgh, New York

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