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Sunday, 23 October 2011


Favorite shop

This morning P:-) and I went to Bunnings, one of my favourite shops.

Bunnings hardware shop
Bunnings is a big hardware shop a few kilometres away. I love Bunnings. I always buy more than I have planned when I go in there. Today we went to buy hinges. P:-) is fixing my back door again.

Back door off its hinges
The door has been scraping very slightly on the floor and P:-) says it needs new hinges. He is waterproofing the bottom of the door while it is down.

We are going to miss church again. I can't really go with no back door. But we will make it to a church service next week. Next week is the christening of P:-)'s granddaughter L and there is a mass to go to first. I am not Catholic but I am sure God will still be there.

Miniature coriander garden

My miniature coriander garden is growing.

Miniature coriander garden
Close-up of coriander leaves
The plants seem a bit leggy, but a few more leaves and I am going to start using them and snipping some leaves off so I hope they will grow a bit thicker.

Thinking point

Early this morning I was watching  Hour of Power on the TV. The lady who was speaking stated that we can choose how we react to things that happen. I agree with this to a point. Everyone knows about the glass half full and the glass half empty.

But yesterday I found out that the husband of a friend had just died suddenly. He was 62. And I wondered if D, his wife,  would be able to choose how she reacted, and if so how much she could choose. She is a Christian with a large family and no doubt her family will come first in anything she does.

The top of my blog says Choose life. Life is wonderful.

I really believe we can choose our reactions to a lot of things, but I thought about D this morning and wondered what she would have thought of the message from Hour of Power today. 

Interesting sites

 Click here to see some beautiful, intricate lamps carved from gourds. They cast wonderful shadows.

  This worm shaped pod is in Malaysia. Click here to find out more about it.

This little square house is based on traditional Persian architecture inside. It is fascinating. Click here to find out more about it.

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