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Monday, 17 October 2011


Today the bright blue sky is showing through the trees outside my window.

View outside my window
With the weather so lovely is is hard to believe it was so wet on the weekend.

This afternoon I popped out to P:-)'s place. He was doing some weeding. I gave him a lot of agapanthus plants around Christmas last year and they have been growing, but amongst them there is a mystery plant.

Mystery plant
First I noticed what looked like a flower at the base of the plant.
A closer look at the mystery flower.
The flower was nothing like an agapanthus  flower. It grew from the base of the plant which was strange. As I studied the plant I could see it had a different leaf structure to the agapanthus beside it.
Agapanthus and mystery plant
Mystery flower
P:-) spotted another flower on the other side. Again it came from the base of the plant and looked something like a lily. It is a mystery. I have no plants like this in my garden. This must have come from a pot I gave P:-). The only thing I can think is that perhaps it was a plant left over from daughter J's gardening days, 20 years ago, and that it had never flowered as it had not been in the sun.

Art around the house

 I thought I would show you my laundry window that I did quite a number of years ago with glass paints.
Laundry window

It probably needs another coat of paint, but it gives me some privacy from the house next door, and when the sun streams through it from the right angle in the late afternoons it makes a beautiful pattern on the floor.

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