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Saturday, 24 September 2011


It is wet, wet, wet! But I still love the view outside my window where I sit at my computer. I never tire of it.

Even though it is a bit gloomy the new pink growth on the Water Gum is very pretty.

This looks blurry because it is raining.

I can hear the creek down the back running, but I am not going down there in this slippery wet weather.

Fried Eggs

As part of my primal diet I cook fried eggs on weekends for breakfast. I have some coffee on waking and then when P:-) arrives I cook breakfast, or more properly - brunch. I think I have the hang of fried eggs now.

The main thing is to have the pan hot enough. I cook the capsicum and tomato first in a very hot pan and then add the eggs. I cook them until the whites are firm, and not any  longer. This gives light and fluffy whites with a crunchy (not burnt) base and yolks that are slightly firm but mostly runny. Delicious!

Coconut Flour 

Grains are not allowed on the primal diet, so I decided to give coconut flour a try.  I have learned the hard way that coconut flour is not a straight substitute for wheat flour as I had assumed.

I decided to make my no fail, self-saucing chocolate pudding. If anything would work this would, so I substituted a cup of coconut flour for the cup of wheat flour. What a disaster! I cooked it and cooked it and cooked it, but it wouldn't firm up.When it finally came out of the oven the pudding looked OK, but the taste is hard to describe. It still tasted like chocolate but it wasn't cakey at all - more like crumbs glued together. This would have been OK except it had this strange texture that was hard to swallow and got stuck in your throat.You had to keep swallowing and swallowing to get it down. Maybe it would have been better chilled.

But I will not give up. There are some delicious sounding recipes on the packet - coconut muffins and chocolate cake. I will give those a try with the proper ingredients.

Since it is so wet and I think it is appropriate I shall show you a picture that I have on my dining room wall above my table.

This is my beautiful frog picture Daughter R painted for me some years ago. I find it very bright and cheerful. I have a collection of froggy things, most of which my 2 daughters have given me over the years.

I am now officially on school holidays and plan to have a very productive 2 weeks. I will keep you posted.

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