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Monday, 17 October 2016

September Holidays

The holidays have begun. I have great  plans to get things done around my house.

On Tuesday I had a tree cut down from my front yard. Unfortunately I didn't take a 'before shot' but this is how it looks afterwards.

I now have a lovely big pile of mulch to spread over my garden.

I have begun spreading it over my garden.

I completed my tax on the weekend. It is the first one since I have been with Centrelink. I tutor for a few hours a week and have spent some money setting up an office and organising things.

Last year I began tutoring and working with Centrelink has been a bit of a nightmare so I needed an accountant to sort things out for me. I met Paul through a friend. He came to the house and his charge was very reasonable so I am putting his card here just in case anyone is looking for an accountant.

It is 3 weeks since I started this post. I have just been so busy so I am just going to conclude it by posting an array of photos from my past few weeks.

View out my kitchen window.

Issy's birthday

My front garden.

Jake's birthday

Sophie's birthday

From now on I plan to write daily and post weekly. I want to keep more of a detailed record for my own sake and to see if I can improve my daily timetable. I just can't seem to fit my life into the allotted time!

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  1. I love so many of your photos esp the little echidna/hedgehog with the toadstools, the Gymea Lily and the M&Ms on the cake. You should make the little girl a Olaf snowman for Christmas. I did a couple a few years back. We can do that together next week if you like? See you soon.

  2. Thanks Michelle. great to see you last week. Great idea about the Olafs. I will have to make 6.