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Saturday, 22 October 2016


Be what you are. Give what is yours to give. Have style. Dare.

Stanley Kunitz

I have decided to post my blog every Saturday and use it as a chance to evaluate my week. 

I began writing this blog to help me look at the positive things in my life. Life hasn't turned out quite the way I had expected. I have had some big mountains to climb and am still doing so but it certainly helps to look at the good things.
My Christian faith certainly helps but I have to work at it myself too and with the help of my family, friends and professional support group I stay on top of things really well.

One of the things I have also learned is that if you have a problem or something goes wrong, ATTACK. Don't attack people! Attack your problem. It is too easy to be a victim. Go forward! (Mind you, sometimes I have to be told to take my own advice, but usually I am pretty good.)

Life isn't fair but there is nothing we can do about that. As my brother says you do your best with the cards you're dealt.

Nice Piggy Picture

Today, Saturday, I started out in my garden.

I cleaned up a small garden and added some nasturtium seeds.

The clay sculptures were made by Rhiannon when she was studying art at TAFE.

I thought I would show you how my herbs are going. 

The basil is struggling along. This isn't in my main herb garden I have just planted it in my front garden. I like to grow a lot of basil in the summer which can be made into pesto and frozen. My elder daughter is vegan and so I make pesto without the cheese

Everyone in the world can grow mint so it over runs their gardens. Not me. My mint always struggles. It is next to the Vietnamese mint and making a very poor effort.

But my Rosemary cuttings are taking off.

The parsley is going well... are the sage and coriander.

I have just planted perpetual spinach. I had to nurse it through a few hot days but it seems to be starting to take off now.


The thyme and oregano are loving the warmer weather.

And the Vietnamese mint has thrived through the winter.

I have one tomato plant. It is supposed to grow little tomatoes in clusters like grapes but I think it needs a bit of feeding. I plan to add some compost.

My first nasturtium is out.
I am going to grow tons of these for salads and vases...

... so I am planting them down the edge of a retaining wall out the front. There is just enough room for weeds to grow and poor Peter is forever pulling them out so I decided to make a feature of it instead with the nasturtiums.

I put some more mulch on the front garden. I cover the weeds with cardboard and newspaper.

Then I cover it with mulch. It works very well and saves weeding.

As Peter removed some small trees I looked skyward and took these photos.

Last Monday I put my bike on the footpath with this sign on  it.

When I went outside a couple of hours later it was gone and whoever took it left this little note on the side.

It really impressed me and made me very happy to think that someone had taken the time to write the note.
By the way, it was my old bike, not the new one Peter bought me last year.

Tutoring kept me very busy last week, mainly because it takes me a long time to prepare. I am getting better though. I have a passion for teaching kids who don't fit into the mainstream system very easily. I tutor a range of students from Kindergarten to Yr 10. At the moment I am helping one Yr 10 student with a Geography Assignment. Geography is not one of my teaching subjects so I am having to spend some time studying Lake Illawarra and Warilla Beach which are  quite interesting.

I came across a great TED talk about teaching students mastery over their subjects. It only takes 10 minutes so if you are interested in listening click here.

Craft has taken a back step for a while but my friend Michelle is home again after a long trip up north, so I am hoping we will have some more craft 'get-togethers' when she is ready. You can find Michelle and her wonderful sock creations at Platypus Creations.

So far I have lost 5 kilos on my Manshake diet. I am also seeing a sports physiologist to help me sort out some exercises to help by back and knees.

I do enjoy this time of year with the run up to Christmas. At the risk of annoying everyone I am going to finish with a Christmas picture. I have so many lovely ones and not enough weeks to post them.


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  1. As usual Lindy your photos are Great!..words are full of wisdom..and YOU are Beautiful..xoxoxo

  2. I love your post this week. It is personal but not too trivial. I can't wait to get crafting together again. Just name the day that suits you best! It is lovely to get a note of thanks about anything, but to get one about your bike is lovely.

  3. Thanks Michelle. great that you are back. I will begin on some Olafs when I see you next.xx


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