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Saturday, 29 October 2016


A joyful heart is the normal result of a heart burning with love. She gives most who gives with joy.
Mother Teresa

Saturday again! Wow! How little I seem to get done in a week!

This morning meant an emergency trip to Woolworths as soon as it opened at 7:30 to buy a barbecued chicken for Jasper my Grand-dog. He is a much loved Miniature Foxie.

But he is very fussy. He spent the night squeaking because he hadn't had any dinner, and Rhiannon hardly got any sleep. Jasper eats barbecued chicken - but not the breast. It is ridiculous but he just refuses to eat anything else and then vomits and his little tummy makes terrible squelching noises. He does eat some dried food and treats but not until he has had his main meal. Last night Rhiannon and Bill ran out of chicken.

I looked after him for 3 months a couple of years ago and turned myself in knots trying to get him to eat. The vets can't find anything wrong with him, except that he is always under weight.

My diagnosis is that Jasper has reflux. I have some similar problems to him (except the underweight). 

It is all a bit crazy and no doubt he would eat before he died but this morning Rhiannon just wanted to get some sleep. So I popped down to Woolworths and bought the chicken for Jasper, dropped it in, and brought the breasts home. Guess what Peter is having for dinner tonight.

Other than being a finicky eater, Jasper is a really affectionate, well behaved little dog.

On Wednesday afternoon, Mum and my brother Geoff, turned up with a whole lot of plants Mum had pulled out of her garden. I didn't know They called until I did some research and am pretty sure they are Agave attenuata, native to central Mexico.

I knew she was getting rid of them at one stage but wasn't quite expecting them on Wednesday. Mum said she had spent so long pulling them out she just wanted to get rid of them and if she stopped before she did that she wouldn't get up again.

Peter and I have planted a few of them out and I am quite pleased with the effect.

Last Sunday we went to the Christening of Peter's youngest granddaughter at St Aloysius church Cronulla followed by a lunch at St George Motor Boat Club.

I don't have many photos as I don't put the faces of the children (or adults if i can help it) on this blog. I usually do a better job with the photos but didn't do so well on this occasion.

It was a lovely Christening and the priest involved the other children who were present.

Below are four little granddaughters looking at the matching shoes that Grandma bought them for this christening and the upcoming wedding of Peter's youngest daughter.

There were beautiful stained glass windows in the church.

We had lunch at the St George motorboat Club. Megg made this beautiful Christening cake. 
The cupcakes were different flavours and beautiful and light.

All in all it has been a good week.  It is great to be back to my bible study again. Things had become so overwhelming earlier in the year that I had given up bible study for a term. 

My friend Michelle from Platypus Creations is back from her extensive travels in Queensland and it was lovely to see her last week. She is selling a lot of sock creations and is giving a percentage of the profits to cancer research.

My elder daughter has had a problem with her studio but we have pulled together as a family and sorted it out for now. My younger daughter Rhiannon and son-in-law Bill were a great support their sister. It is wonderful to see my children grown up and so caring of each other.

Peter and I are on a Manshake diet. So far we have lost about 5 kilos each, but it is hard going

As always I am enjoying the run up to Christmas. Again, at the risk of annoying some people I am going to include a Christmas picture, just because I have so many of them and they are so beautiful.


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  1. I love your agave plants, they lot well established. A funky eater, I would be most unhappy with, but obviously the dog has other attributes that over-ride his one negative. It was great to get together and I look forward to crafting together this week!

    1. Sorry we didn't get together. I will be in touch.

  2. Those are beautiful plants! Very impressed! I would also like to say we hadn't ran out of chicken we were trying to get him to eat the chicken breast lol he is so silly xox


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