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Wednesday, 7 May 2014


P:-) and I are back from our short holiday to Davistown. We had a lovely relaxing time.

You may remember that I was sewing an awning from an old tent.

It worked really well.

The awning on a sunny day.

Under the awning

Where the awning joins the caravan.
We had a variety of weather including wind and rain. The awning did leak a little through one of the seams so we need to put some waterproofing on it which is not surprising.

On the strength of this success I will continue with new awnings for the two bed extensions. I still have some of the old tent left and we have ordered some more ripstop nylon from eBay so we can add to the main awning.

Our camp at night

This is taken from across the road from where we stayed, on  Brisbane Waters.
Brisbane waters at Davistown.
We stayed in the backyard of an old family holiday house belonging to Peter's family at Davistown, near Gosford. This was the view directly across the road.

View across the road at Davistown.
This is the old house we were camping behind.

The old house at Davistown,
The house has been in P:-)'s family for over 100 years, originally  built by P:-)'s grandmother who was a headmistress. It is in need of major repairs. P:-) did some gardening and hammered some boards on while we were there. P:-)'s immediate family owned it when he was growing up, and it holds many wonderful memories for him. But now it is owned by his cousins. They have been trying to sell it for the past few years without any luck. (Which is quite advantageous for us, as we have very limited finances these days and can camp there for free.)

P:-) bought me a beautiful chair as a lovely surprise. I have a bad back and sometimes cannot sit on the old camping chars at all. This one is very sturdy and gives a lot of support.

My beautiful new chair.
This is just like P:-). He is a lovely man.

I like to eat a healthy diet while we are away and I don't like to be out buying groceries. We have a big salad most nights.

Big salad
 It consists of iceberg lettuce, shallots, rocket, baby corn, champignions  topped with capsicum strips. It provides a good variety of colours (therefore vitamins) and fibre. I like to have mine with chia seeds and balsamic vinegar and oil, but P:-) prefers his plain.

Breakfast is rolled oats and peaches.

 We have a tiny little microwave that came with our caravan that allows us to cook our oats quickly, although when we are without electricity we cook them on our gas stove. I am trying to stick with a plant based diet as far as possible so I have mine with soybean milk, but P:-) prefers low fat milk.

P:-) and I didn't travel around much this time but took a few walks along the waterfront where the scenery is beautiful.

The old baths just along from the house.

Looking across Brisbane Waters to Empire Bay

Sunset looking from Davistown to Saratoga

Looking from Davistown to St Hubert's Island

Across to Empire Bay

There is plenty of birdlife. Ducks are everywhere.




There were plenty of sulfur crested cockatoos, but we also saw these, which I think are corellas but I am not sure.


There were plovers dotted around the place.


And being a fungiphile I can't help but leave you with these photos of toadstools that I spotted.

A cream one.

Cream toadstool
And a little brown one.

Brown toadstool

And finally here we are packed up to leave.

Our little caravan is like a tardis. So much seems to disappear inside it.

It was a lovely week.

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