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Monday, 21 April 2014


It has been a week of lovely big moons. Apparently it always is on the run up to Easter. The date of Easter each year depends on the phases of the moon.

Taken from my front yard.

Easter falls on the first Sunday after the first full moon occurring on or after the March equinox. Read here how the Easter date is determined.

On Good Friday P:-) and I went to church with my mother and my brother.

Figtree Anglican Church
Afterwards we went back to Mum's for coffee and hot crossed buns.

I spent the afternoon finishing felt chickens for P:-)'s grandchildren. Now P:-) and I are both on pensions, I am making family gifts. This is a strategy to help save money, but all the gifts are made with a lot of love.

I had planned to make 15 chickens but only managed 10 - two for each child instead of 3. On Thursday I injured my right index finger when I caught it in the car boot. It was quite painful and made hand sewing a lot slower.

On Easter Sunday P:-)'s family got together for lunch. I made a carrot cake for dessert.

I used Curtis Stone's recipe. It is jam packed full of carrots and nuts. You can find the recipe here.  It is one of those no fail recipes.

The table for 22 was set with this large rabbit in the centre. 

There was an Easter egg hunt for the children.

Finally on Monday P:-) did some work in my backyard, cleaning the deck from vines that were threatening to engulf it.

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  1. Love your blog .You and car boots do not mix.

  2. Your felt chickens are cuter than anything in a store. They are adorable! I am so sorry you hurt your finger. It sounds very painful. I am glad you had such a good Easter.