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Monday, 31 March 2014


I began my blog for myself. My main aim was to reflect on my life and look at the positives in it. The past few years for me have been quite turbulent. I am getting through them with God's help, but sometimes find I don't take time to 'smell the roses'. So my blog is a lot to do with smelling the roses and if you enjoy following what I do then Welcome and Thank You. 

I call my blog Piggywhistles - the nick name my father had for me as a child. He died many years ago. You can read a little bit about him here.

This last week I have spent some time appreciating my back yard. I took a walk down there and further on to the creek. I love it because it is so green. It is a bush garden, mainly filled with natives.

I have a renewed appreciation for it as it looked for a while as if I was going to have to sell my house because I had been quite unexpectedly made redundant. (You can read a bit about it here and the posts before and after depending on how much you wish to read about it.) 

I took some random photos of my back yard as I wandered down.

The sandpaper fig had some great lichen growing on the trunk.

  I walked on a little further to the creek, which was quite full after the rain.

My back yard wouldn't suit a lot of people and when I was thinking of selling my house I did wonder if my yard would be a selling point or actually a liability. There is no lawn. There are no garden beds. But I love it.

I got a bit of a surprise in my front yard a couple of days ago when I discovered a Port Jackson shark's egg lying near a couple of pots.

 I don't imagine it was left there by a passing shark. I think it must have been put in the garden by my children many years ago and has simply washed down in all the rain. That is the only logical explanation I can think of for this .

Keeping in the theme with nature are a couple of pictures of the sunset taken from  P:-) 's place last Thursday evening.

Interesting sites


Photo source
Jessica Shyba, mother of three, and blogger at the site picked up their puppy Theo - a shar-pei and German shepherd mix - from a pound in Santa Cruz when he was about 7 weeks old. Jessica decided to train Theo to sleep in his pen, but the pup wouldn’t sleep alone. Unable to stand his cries at night, she eventually let him sleep in bed with her. The moment she introduced Theo to their bedroom, Theo climbed up on top of her two-year old son Beau, and “it was just the cutest, most natural thing," tells Jessica. Every day now, when Shyba puts Beau down for his nap, Theo follows and they sleep together for a minimum of 2 hours. Click here  to see some beautiful pictures.


Photo source
Wataru Itou , a young student in a major art university in Tokyo created one of the most stunning examples of Paper Craft in the world. It is a paper castle which took him 4 years to complete. Click here to see some beautiful photos of it exhibited at Umihotaru, a place which in itself is a major attraction: a service area in the middle of the ocean, right between Tokyo City and Chiba Prefecture.

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