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Saturday, 14 December 2013


Dare to be different.
Dare to live by your own convictions, not somebody else's.
Dare to believe that you can and should make a difference in the world, that you have a precious contribution to make which no one else can offer.
Dare to face your fears and live in the strength of the spirit, unfettered by human respect, a free spirit before the face of  God.
Dare to believe that you may really be right, and that even if you're not it is better to have erred in sincerity than never to have dared to live.   
Mary Johnson, An Unquenchable Thirst

This week I made Kale chips. I washed a bunch of Kale and spun it dry in the salad spinner.

I spread the Kale on a baking tray. I sprayed it with olive oil and dusted it with Morrocon spices. I put it in my oven for 15 minutes at 180 degrees.

The kale chips were dry and tinged slightly brown. They were crunchy and quite nice.  I think they may be bit of an acquired taste but I will make then again.

Beware! They make a terrible mess of your teeth, so don't grab a handful of them to crunch as you run out the door on your way out somewhere. If you have been eating kale chips check the mirror first.

Can you guess what this is?

I have no idea what it is. It was a bright pink substance, about the size of a 20 cent piece sitting on a leaf in my back yard away from any coloured flowers.

I bought myself some very cheap lenses for my iPhone camera. I used the macro lens to photograph this pink substance on the leaves of the plant. It looks as if it it is some sort of crystalline substance - almost like jelly crystals. 

This was the photo taken with the normal iPhone lens.

The only thing I can think of is that it must be some type of bird dropping. 
Who knows what the bird would have been eating,

Its official! I'm losing weight! 3 kilograms in 4 weeks!

I struggle with my weight even though I have a very healthy diet and generally stick around 1500 - 1700 calories - generally. But I often find that dieting makes me tired and depressed.

However I think  have discovered a method that works for me so far. It is called TR90, made by a company called Nu Skin. It consists of a shake which I have for lunch and some vitamin supplements. It is largely a matter of eating two serves of protein and one of carbohydrate at each meal, plus vegetables. I have knee problems which stop me doing much walking, so I am currently doing about 20 minutes low impact exercise per day. I am gradually working this up.

I came upon TR90 by a very circuitous route and I must say, I was very skeptical about it but thought I would give it a try. I still have a long way to go but I am feeling very positive. It isn't cheap but it will be definitely well worth the cost if I can lose some weight and not feel half dead.


I am way behind in my Christmas preparations. I have some mixture for some Tim Tam balls cooling in the fridge so it can be made into balls and dipped in coconut. I am just about to go and do that. I will let you know how they go.

Interesting sites

 Contemporary glass facade
Photo source
From the street, this 2012 renovation cannot be distinguished from its neighbors in the Hague, The Netherlands.However, the rear reveals a contemporary glass facade and an open, updated interior.This is a beautiful light and airy house. Click here to see it.

 Portraits from spilled drinks
Photo source
French artist Vivi Mac uses a variety of food, drinks and ingredients to “speed paint” images of famous historical figures, celebrities, and fictional characters. Vivi spills the liquid onto a tray, then as you watch, she guides the spilled liquid using a straw and her hands to create immediately recognizable portraits of famous people. So far she has used barbecue sauce, milk, caramel sauce, crushed ice and salt, and wine in her creation. Click here to read more.


Photo source
Invasive species are typically seen as a problem pest for the damage they can wreak on the most vulnerable species in a fragile ecosystem. But with the discovery of a particularly pernicious South American fish off the coast of Sweden, animal experts are warning the boldest of human swimmers to keep their delicate parts under wraps.

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  1. Wow! The new lenses do quite an impressive job, and congratulations on losing some kgs!


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