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Wednesday, 23 October 2013


The true secret of happiness lies in the taking a genuine interest in all the details of daily life.
William Morris



P's little granddaughter turned one recently. She had a beautiful birthday party held in the back yard of her grandmother at Helensburgh. All the food was pink and white.



The party girl was given the top layer of the cake to attack  and various play stations were set around the yard for the children attending.



P:-)'s daughter M is very talented  and created a beautiful atmosphere with lots of fun food.

Adults and kids had a great day.


This was the view from P:-)'s house last Thursday afternoon. This was just the beginning of the bushfire crisis in NSW over the past week.


Stories of the bush-fires dominated the news over the past week.

Bushfires in the Southern Highlands and the Blue Mountains caused a pall of smoke to hang over Wollongong. This is sunrise a few mornings ago.



The fires seem to have died down a little although there are still fires around. 

It takes me back to 1968 when I was in high school and fires ringed the city of Wollongong. I remember coming out of school at Corrimal, and pieces of ash were just falling out of the sky.


Of course I am always a little concerned during the bush fire season as my house backs onto the escarpment and my back yard is full of trees.



I must buy a new hose. P:-) washed my car for me recently and I discovered the hose had numerous leaks. If there did happen to be a fire it wouldn't be of much help.


 And have you ever seen a kettle like this? This is my daughter's kettle. It actually lights up and looks quite spectacular when it boils.



I have to get one!





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