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Saturday, 12 October 2013


This is the party season! P:-)'s 4 year old granddaughter had a party last Saturday. His 1 year old granddaughter is having a party this Saturday. A friend is having a 60th birthday the next Sunday. And P:-)'s first grandson was born a couple of weeks ago, so next year will be even busier.

On Saturday we went to Woronora Dam for a party for little I's party.

There were lots of little ones there who were under school age but they were all very well behaved.

It was very picturesque down near the water.

The engineer has finished the underpinning of the footings under my house.

This was a relief as P:-) showed me where some of the clay below the footings was crumbling. He was worried that if a water pipe burst somewhere my house would slide down the hill. He thought there might be a problem selling the house if it wasn't fixed.

Another load of stuff went to the tip. I planned to get a lot more done than I managed to do, as usual. I'm going to see how much I can get done in 3 weeks. I am still going through stuff. I have painting and gardening to do. I have to move furniture and take a lot more stuff to the Salvation Army and the tip.

I will finish with this lone daisy that popped up on my footpath. The brown grass shows how little rain we have had in the last month.

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