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Wednesday, 18 September 2013


 Imagination is the highest form of research.  

Albert Einstein

After a long dry spell it is at last raining. I love to see the raindrops shining on the eucalyptus leaves. The greens and browns of the bush come alive.

grevillea Robyn Gordon struggles through the undergrowth of my front garden, towards the sun.

This is a cultivar - a cross between 2 native species and it seems to be very long lasting for a grevillea. 

When we first began our native garden we used to think that if flowers were native they didn't need any care. What we failed to recognise is that many so-called 'natives' are cultivars, and that as well as that, Australia has a diverse climate and soils. Hence the Geraldton Wax  which prefers  a well-drained sandy soil was doomed from the beginning when we planted it in clay. And the Blackboy and the Kangaroo Paw just couldn't cope.

 My wonderful P:-) has been putting skirting board in my entry hall. I never ask him. These things just appear. It looks much better.

My darling little grand-dog Jasper will go home on Friday.

He is a five year old Miniature Foxie. I have had him for four weeks and I will miss him when he goes. My daughter R and husband B have been in New Zealand. Jasper will be so excited to see them. It has been lovely having him in the house. He is great company. I would love a little dog but my future is too uncertain at the moment. I'm not sure I will be somewhere dog friendly in a few years time. So I will just have to share Jasper.

I have been made redundant from my job of 15 years so I am selling up and moving in with my mother. But this will only be as long as my mother of 81 stays well enough to live at home. Luckily she could pass for someone of 71 so prospects look good for another 20 years!

I don't mind really. I am ready to retire. It is just that divorce and retirement do not sit well together financially.

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