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Tuesday, 16 July 2013



In order that people may be happy in their work, these three things are needed: They must be fit for it: They must not do too much of it: and they must have a sense of success in it.

John Ruskin


I have been made redundant and it has been a great blessing. I was no longer happy in my work  and I did not have a ' sense of success in it' as mentioned in the quote above. I am having a great time now - pottering around the house getting it ready to sell; cooking; crafting and generally just de-stressing. Even my dentist today noticed improvements in my teeth which he put down to not grinding them so much in my sleep as I am more relaxed!


So I may not have as much money but my teeth will be good! Maybe one will cancel out the other.


It took a while to become used to getting up in the morning and not having to go to work to face difficulties with colleagues and students. I wake up now,  happy to start the day, and I thank God for it.


Whatever I do after this is going to be on my terms - even if I don't have a lot of money.  I am not going to spend hours working at something I do not enjoy. I have a few plans up my sleeve which I hope I will be able to develop. Watch this space.


Vintage shell
Earlier in the week I went to the fruit market and just loved the look of these frilly bright green cabbages. I thought they were worth a photo.


I did get a few odd looks in the fruit market as a photographed the cabbages.  I don't know if people thought I was into some type of fruit and vegetable espionage.


I aim for a couple of meatless dishes a week, a soup often figures once a week. So when I spotted this Kambrook a soup maker for $40 in Woolworths I bought it. 




 It cooks smooth or chunky soups in around 20 minutes.

Last night I blistered some capsicums which had been on special.


Peeled them.

Put them in the soup maker with fried onion, stock and some soy bean milk and voila!


Cream of roasted capsicum soup. 

It was lovely soup but quite thin and not really substantial enough for a meal on its own. I did make pita bread chips to have with it.


You don't need a soup maker to make the soup. Use the recipe for pumpkin soup here

 and substitute charred capsicum for pumpkin.


A big thank you to all those people who leave comments. It is lovely to have some interaction with readers. I really enjoy writing my blog and feel very humble that people are kind enough to read it.


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 A revolutionary contentment
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As things seem to go awry in my life I try to stay positive. So I read a lot of positive literature. This is an article about attitudes and contentment. In psychology it is known that people who are depressed tend to have an external locus of control - that is they feel external things control their lives. Happy people tend to have an internal locus of control - they feel in control of their lives. This article looks at attitudes and contentment. Click here to read the article.


  1. Hehe. You cabbage fancier, you,

    I sometimes feel a bit embarrassed taking photos of not obviously photogenic subjects.

    I'm glad you're settling into...not working. Are you calling it retirement or holding off on that for now?

    1. Hi Jayne. I am calling it retirement...but who knows. I am just trying to get my house organised before I actively look for anything major. I am really hoping I can do some craft things to sell. I used to do that many years ago and loved it.

  2. I hadn't thought of capsicum soup.
    What sort of crafts do you like to indulge in? I would love to get together with you again. Maybe we can inspire each other & craft together. I like doing a variety of crafts & always willing to learn more.