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Thursday, 6 June 2013


Last week when P:-) and I were in Melbourne we took a trip to the Yarra Valley to the picturesque town of Warburton. We had set our Navman  for Warburton but it took us straight through the town and up into the nearby mountains. Here we came across the Rainforest Gallery, a lovely walk through temperate rain forest.
Parking area at the Rainforest Gallery

I love rainforest walks, and this was a beautiful walk. We began with a stroll along the 40 metre long observation platform which takes you into the rainforest canopy 15 metres above the ground. Then we followed the 350 metre long elevated walkway which took us through the Rainforest Gallery where we saw magnificent 65 metre tall old growth Mountain Ash trees, ancient Myrtle Beech trees (many of which could be up to 300 to 400 years old), ferns, mosses and other plants that make up this damp and diverse rainforest environment.

There were several viewing spots along the walkway where we paused to enjoy the sounds of Cement Creek flowing past on its journey to the Yarra River.

I am a fungusphile - I love fungus. I find it extremely beautiful and fascinating in that it is neither plant nor animal but has its own kingdom. We came across some great specimens as we were walking.
Ghost Fungus ( Omphalotus nidiformis)

Close up of Ghost fungus (Omphalotus nidiformis)

Bracket Fungi (stereum ostrea)


At the end of the walk was this beautiful poem written by Judith Wright

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